Ms. to Mrs., Blogger to Columnist

My apologies for my delay in posting lately, but I promise I have a good reason! My hunky boyfriend just got promoted to…..MY HUNKY FIANCE! fan girling.gif

We went hiking through Olympic National Park here in eastern Washington, with snow and ice lining the steep steps and walkways. I had not prepared for such a hike, so I was wearing stylish boots. He literally hiked the mountain while I held the back of his shirt and he pulled me along like I was ice skating. My body was crying after this hike for about a week, but my hand was rewarded with a beautiful ring so I feel like it was worth it…The proposal manifested when I was video taping the gorgeous Marymere Falls (Marry Me Falls, anyone?) and I turned back to him. He was looking at me sort of funny and then I realized what was happening. He proceeded to get down on one knee and pop open the ring box, asking me to marry him. There was a small crowd at the falls that whooped in congratulations, and then a memory was made. In a mix of happy tears and snot, I said “yes” and we kissed to seal the deal! engagement ring waterfall

Also, I thank you all for following and supporting my blog as you have given me the confidence to continue writing. In doing so, I submitted my writing to a newspaper here in the city, and I am one of the newest reader columnists for the second largest newspaper in the state of Washington!dog typing gif

In the midst of all the ups and downs of a life with autoimmune disease, some really amazing light can shine through every now and then! For some, they can maintain a somewhat normal life, while others rarely see that light peek through the darkness for years. It is for all of those people that I write, so maybe you find some light of your own. Or it not, a sarcastic wit you’re bound to relate to.

My delay in blogging stems from hunky fiancé’s amazing proposal to diving into wedding planning! We are planning it from afar, as all of our family is on the opposite coast of the country. It has been hectic, stressful, and incredibly exciting. We have finally reached a lull in the planning to be able to sit back and relax for a few months, so my first checklist item to return to was my blog.

I will soon be publishing posts touching on my discovery of new symptoms, planning a great wedding with bad health, and updates in the presentation and prognosis of my diseases.

During one of these rare times in an autoimmune patient’s life that things seem to all go right at once, I have to take the time to thank everyone who reads my words and shares with me their effect. I have a great friend and family support system face to face, and an even bigger one through this network. Thank you all, more posts to come! Happy healing to everyone!group hug golden girls gif.gif

One thought on “Ms. to Mrs., Blogger to Columnist

  1. Wow!!! I can’t even begin to express my happiness for you and your fiance!!!! Congratulations on the engagement and enjoy the fun in planning your wedding!! Don’t let things stress you out…anytime you’re starting to feel overwhelmed, just look into the eyes of that lucky, lucky man, and you’ll be reminded of why you’re doing this. It’s all about the love!!!


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